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B type head (bayonet)

  • Product code: 536471

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The earthing / short-circuiting devices are for earthing
and short-circuiting of the leads on the low voltage
insulated networks, on the specified point. The piercing

Cable piercing tool

The cable piercing tool helps to select the faulty cable
during maintenance carried out on LV earth cable networks.

Rated voltage
0,4 kV

2051 ball stud

2051 ball stud

Thread size
24 kA/0,5 s

Thread size

Ball diameter
Ø20 mm


The VK-O-50-6 (50 mm² wire) earthing and short circuiting
device is to earth and short circuit the overhead network
per phase. The earth clamp shall be placed on the common


The KIF-2011 BR earthing and short-circuiting equipment
is for earthing and short-circuiting of low-voltage bared and insulated overhead line segment that have been


The earthing / short-circuiting device set is applicable for

4202 phase clamp

Thermic limit current
24 kA/0,5 s

Dynamic limit current
60 kA/1 s

Gripping capacity
Ø25 mm

Product code

VK-W-2006 Phase clamp

Thermic limit current
23 kA/1 s

18 kA/2 s

Dynamic limit current
57,5 kA/1 s

Gripping capacity
Ø6-23 mm