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C type head (hexagon)

  • Product code: 536411




Recommended products

KÖF-C-9004 earthing clamp

Connecting copper wire to the clamp type KÖF-C-9004, we can get an earthing short-circuitung device.

Earthing magnet lock VK-FMZ04

The earthing magnet lock is suitable to 600-1500 V rated
public transport purpose electrical DC earthing networks.

Thermic limit current
10 kA/1s

Cable piercing tool

The cable piercing tool helps to select the faulty cable
during maintenance carried out on LV earth cable networks.

Rated voltage
0,4 kV


Thermic limit current
18 kA/2 s

Dynamic limit current 
45 kA/1 s

Gripping capacity
Ø5-30 mm

Product code

VV-130-MÁV earthing clamp

Connecting copper wire to the clamp type VV-130-MÁV,
we can get an earthing short-circuiting device. The
earthing whip can be connected to rail or wire type

2051 ball stud

2051 ball stud

Thread size
24 kA/0,5 s

Thread size

Ball diameter
Ø20 mm


The VK-25-70315 and 70316 earthing rod equipment is for earthing 25 kV overhead line traction systems. The clamps of earthing devices have torque limiter.