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Branching pipe bayonet

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The earthing / short-circuiting devices are for earthing
and short-circuiting of the leads on the low voltage
insulated networks, on the specified point. The piercing

VK-W-2006 Phase clamp

Thermic limit current
23 kA/1 s

18 kA/2 s

Dynamic limit current
57,5 kA/1 s

Gripping capacity
Ø6-23 mm


  • Hexagon-bayonet
  • Product code: 536461


The earthing/short-circuiting device set is designed for
earthing and short circuiting of the flat bars, cable heads
of the armoured distribution system, and transformer

NAF-2003/ATR Phase clamp

The NAF 2003/ATR phase clamp can be built in or can
be connected to various operating rods and with copper
wire we can get an earthing whip. The earthing whip can


The earthing short-circuiting device is suitable for earthing/short circuiting different capacitor banks.The set can be assembled from the necessary number of flexible


The earthing / short-circuiting device is for earthing and
short-circuiting of low-voltage overhead line segment that
have been disconnected for maintenance. The set consist


  • Bayonet-hexagon
  • Product code: 536472